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Reason To Make Blogging A Part Of My Life

Blogging was always in my bucket list and I was confident that I would go after it someday. All I needed was a right niche to write about and a strong reason to get my blogging started. The idea of writing something on the internet really fascinated me.

It’s not that I decided to start blogging out of the blues. There’s a strong motive behind it. More than sharing my knowledge with the world, I have a self-seeking motive behind this blog. You’ll understand as you read through this post.

Selecting a niche for blogging

I am passionate about two topics, Finance and Real Estate. Who doesn’t love to talk about Sensex and Nifty? I have been in stock market right from when I was 18. I have done some terrible mistake, really terrible. From picking penny stocks to just randomly picking trades and praying to god to push the price higher.

I used to even select companies to invest just because I found the name of the company attractive. What did the 18 year old me even know about fundamental analysis back in the days.

Talking about my love for real estate, I am a civil engineer by profession. My area of work in civil engineering include contracts, claims, tendering and all the pre-construction activities.

So here it is. You will find finance and real estate related articles. It will be coming right from my experience and all the new knowledge I will acquire with time. Feel free to subscribe to newsletters so that I can mail you every time I post a new blog. Typically I have a plan to post a new article every Sunday.

My motive from this blog

I recently finished my post graduation. After giving my last paper I was happy and excited that I no longer have to face such a thing called exam anymore. That was it. It made me a little worried as now I didn’t have any particular reason to learn new things.

I realized that how important a deadline can be for a person’s growth. I didn’t want to live a monotonous life without any external factor motivating me to try out different things. So the idea to start this blog came into lime light.

The key to pursuing excellence is to embrace an organic, long-term learning process, and not to live in a shell of static, safe mediocrity.

Another motive for my blogging is to keep me away from comfort zone and keep me engaged in learning new things. Comfort zone can really make you lose your productivity. This is directly proportional to me, because I know that I am really lazy at times. Now that’s my real motive behind this blog.

Step outside your comfort zone because that’s the only way you’re going to grow.

I have been writing on free platforms like Quora, Medium and Blogspot for a while. That gave me the joy, but somewhere I knew something was coming up short. They weren’t my platforms. I needed a more solid recognition.

So Instead of writing all my articles on different platforms, I decided to make this one blog as a single source for all my content, even if that gets me to pay for the hosting and domain.

This is my personal blog, you see that’s my name on the domain. I will be the sole writer for this blog and all the information that I will be sharing will come straight from my life experiences. My facts may not be on point, but my opinion will.

Ending note

I am still exploring the world of blogging and I’m still not sure where this will take me. Also, please don’t mind me playing with the themes, colours and fonts on this blog. I’m just going to try out everything before finally getting settled for one design. For now, I just want to focus on writing on my niche, that is finance and real estate.

Do let me know in the comments what you feel about my idea of blogging or if you have any valuable suggestions / feedback for me. It will make my day if you subscribe to my blog.



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