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Atish Lolienkar

About me

I am a Finance and Real Estate Blogger. I started this blog on May’2021 to share my experiences on the web.

Long story short, you might think of this Newsletter to be yet another mail from the thousands of mails that already hit your inbox everyday!

But to me, this is a way to connect with you at a much rooted level.

It’s been about 2 years I had started blogging, and somewhere around, you discovered by blogs on your google search, got referred by a friend or found me through social media.

But we failed to stay connected for long. For me, learning is a journey and a process and I want you share with you every bit of knowledge that will help you improve your life.

I love blogging, from the very day I began my journey. Many of you may still not know this, but I was writing on the internet way before this blog. I used free platforms like Quora, Medium and Blog-spot as a way to convey my message on the internet.

I still remember, it was 19th May 2021, I began my journey to start my own little blog on the internet. And after rejecting a dozens of weird domain names that came across my mind, I stuck to “Atish Lolienkar”, my own birth name, taking inspiration from Ali Abdal, Mark Manson, Robin Sharma and a few others who used their name to start their journey.  

My goal for my blog is simple, to add value to the readers, provide clarity on the topics of Finance and Real Estate, so that even a very beginner can understand without feeling dumb! 

Managing my work life and blogging is tough, After finishing my 9 to 5 (which usually ends at 7:30), coming home and again staring at the computer screen really frustrates me at times. But the show must go on!! Taking baby steps everyday.

All my newsletters will come now come from, which is also my mail id to write back to me for us to stay connected. Let’s make this a two way process. Your feedback and suggestions will really mean a lot to me. 

A small request, if you are a Gmail user and have opted for Gmail’s default inbox view, you will received my mails in your Updates or Promotions tab, I would suggest you to move this in your Primary folder and you are good to go!

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